sick flow…

Finally, after three days with no water we finally got a chance to have a shower…and I even got washed with soap! Could you imagine??? Hot Sauce tends to sweat quite profusely in the hot, dusty sun and I certainly wasn’t having any fun playing hair twister. We had a fun 3 minute shower, dancing around in the light trickle, coming up with new dance moves to bring to the floor this Saturday.

Oh, speaking of Hot Sauce, he got a new nickname the other night while partying with the boyz, MR. 600! Nothing special really, just the boys all thought it was hilarious that we paid 600 ksh for a vodka and normally they are 200-250 tops. ***Silly Mzungo story #2, and it goes with a nickname now***

Stephi3, Val, Steve, JC, Cartoon (no that’s not his real name but he’s certainly animated and cracks jokes every single chance he gets…what a character) and I went out for a night in the Nairobi town, it was awesome! We started tipping a few at the “Brew Bistro” where they had a nice array of throw back 90’s hip hop, local reggae like beats and a good array of shishas if we were interested. (Reminds me of the good old days in ‘lil Jamaica eh Dale :) GT’s all ’round.

After a few pints we toured over to a local spot called Galileo’s to finish off the night, and man that place was BUMPIN!

Guess its time to bring the “A” game to the party…
Hooooooottttt Saaaaaauuuuuucccccceeeeee

to be continued…

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